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论文题目 刊物类别 发表年度(卷、期、页) 第一作者 其他作者
Fused Motion and Color Features for Object Tracking SCI期刊 2014, 5(2): 95-103 Mingqiang Lin Zonghai Chen, Chenbin Zhang
Predicting salient object via multi-level features SCI期刊 2016,205(2016): 301-310 Mingqiang Lin ChenbinZhang,ZonghaiChen
Global feature integration based salient region detection SCI期刊 2015,159(2015): 1-8 Mingqiang Lin ChenbinZhang,ZonghaiChen
A novel scan registration method based on the feature-less global descriptor - Spherical Entropy Image SCI期刊 2017, 44(4): 552-563 Bo Sun Yadan Zeng, Houde Dai, Junhao Xiao, Jianwei Zhang
Investigation of the Relationship Between Tracking Accuracy and Tracking Distance of a Novel Magnetic Tracking System SCI期刊 2017,17(15):4928 - 4937 Shijian Su Wanan Yang,Houde Dai,Xuke Xia,Mingqiang Lin, Bo Sun,Chao Hu
6D Electromagnetic Tracking Approach Using Uniaxial Transmitting Coil and Tri-Axial Magneto-Resistive Sensor SCI期刊 2018,18(3):1178-1186 Houde Dai Shuang Song, Xianping Zeng, Shjian Su, Mingqiang Lin, Max Q. -H. Meng
Quantitative Assessment of Parkinsonian Tremor Based on an Inertial Measurement Unit SCI期刊 2015,15(10): 25055-25071. Houde Dai Pengyue Zhang, Tim C. Lueth
Quantitative assessment of parkinsonian bradykinesia based on an inertial measurement unit SCI期刊 2015, 14(68): 1-13. Houde Dai Haijun Lin, Tim C Lueth
A Novel Glove Monitoring System Used to Quantify Neurological Symptoms During Deep-Brain Stimulation Surgery SCI期刊 2013, 13(9): 3193-3202 Houde Dai Bernward Otten, Jan Hinnerk Mehrkens, Lorenzo T. D’Angelo, Tim C. Lueth.
A novel glove monitoring system for quantifying neurological symptoms during deep-brain stimulation surgery Shaker Verlag 2014 Houde Dai